The British Newspaper Archive (BNA)

BNA offers access to 36.2+ million newspaper pages dating from the 1700s to current. A free search is available or you can browse by - Date, Country, Region, County, Place or Recently Added titles. Filtering options include Date, Newspaper, Countries, Regions, Counties, Place, Recently Added, Type (article, advertisement, illustrated, family notice, miscellaneous) and Public Tags.

There is an Advanced Search which allows you to: Search all words; Search some words; Exclude words or Use exact phrase. A search returns a sentence or two of the newspaper with a link to the digitised page. A subscription is needed to access the digitised page.

Packages available include: 1 month for £12.95, 12 months for £79.95 or PayAsYouGo for £19.95 which allows 40 page views over a year. (Prices current, Mar 2020)
TIP: This archive is available for free, onsite, at some state, public and family history libraries. Check what might be available onsite at a library near you. It is also available through Findmypast. $