BDM Data Viewer

BDM Data Viewer, by Jason Ingram, is an index searching tool to enable you to revive those old DOS CD-ROM indexes that may no longer work with modern operating systems such as Windows 7/8. It works by reading data from your existing CD-ROMs and placing it into one proprietary data file that the BDM Data Viewer can read quickly and easily. This means you no longer need to load individual CDs and all the indexes can be searched simultaneously. Currently the following indexes are supported:
• NSW Between the Wars 1919-1945
• NSW Pioneers Index, 1788-1888
• NSW Federation Index 1889-1918
• VIC Pioneers Index, 1837-1888
• TAS Pioneers Index, 1803-1899
• WA Pioneers Index, 1841-1905
BDM Data viewer can be purchased from the site for (AUD) $20 (download only) or on CD for A$35. For further information click on the Help/Overview link at the bottom of the page.