Bendigo Family History - Online Indexes

This site offers free searches of a wide variety of local indexes. New indexes are being added on a regular basis. Indexes include:
Sandhurst [Bendigo] Mining Claims and Leases
Photographs published in the Bendigo Annals
Gold Mines and Mine Managers
Miners and puddlers petition 1857
Early burials on the Bendigo goldfields 1852-1870
Bendigo "Fortuna" Army survey regiment - Personnel list 1942-1945
Bendigo Benevolent Asylum Register Children  in care 1861-1862
Sandhurst (Bendigo) common school examination register index 1864-1868
Index to Bendigo Benevolent Asylum Children's Registers
Bendigo's Lost Miners
Women's Suffrage Petition 1891 - Bendigo
St Mary's Catholic School  - School register 1865
White Hills Hamlets Petition 1856
Applications to the Licensing Courts 1856 and 1886
The Ball -A Ball held in honour of the visit to Bendigo from the Princes Albert Victor 1864-1892 and George 1865-1936 sons of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. A list of those who attended.