Limerick Archives - Ireland

Limerick Archives extensive resources include:
• Mount St Lawrence cemetery database to 70,000 burials at Mount St Lawrence Cemetery 1855-2008.  Photographs of the headstones are available. This search only identifies graves with a headstone. Use the online burial registers for those without a headstone. These include:
  • Mount St Lawrence burial ground registers 1855-2008
  • Mount St Lawrence new extension February 1960 to April 2010
  • Mount St Oliver burial ground registers February 1960 to April 1998
• Local Studies an extensive collection of Limerick related materials
• Archives with free digitised collections that relate to Limerick City and County Council, Limerick Union, Limerick Rural
• District Council, private papers and collections relating to the commercial and cultural aspects. There is a lot of material for Ranks Flour Mills.
• Museum online catalogue with access to over 55,000 artifacts