RAN Naval Heritage Collection in Trove

This is one of the largest online collections of historical  naval objects, housing artefacts from Colonial era navies, to the establishment of the  Royal Australian Navy through the two World Wars of the 20th century all the way  up to modern day conflicts.  The collection includes more than 1000 records currently held in three separate repositories:
• RAN Heritage Centre, Spectacle Island Repository, New South Wales - (nuc:NRHC)
• HMAS Albatross Fleet Air Arm Museum, Victoria - (nuc:NFAAM)
• HAS Cerberus Museum, Jervis Bay Territory - (nuc:VHCERB)
Highlights include 19th century ship figureheads, service medals, ship models, paintings, uniforms and tools from allied and axis service personnel.
To browse a repository enter the nuc code above, for example search for 'nuc:NRHC' to view all collection items held at the RAN Heritage Centre's Spectacle Island Repository.
You can also search the complete archive by adding 'Naval Heritage Collection' to your libraries or  (nuc:"NFAAM" OR nuc:"NRHC" OR nuc:"VHCERB"). To do this log in as a Trove User and go to View User Profile > Library >  and add a library.