Skibbereen Heritage Centre - West Cork - Online Databases

These online databases include:
West Cork Graveyard Database 
• Loan Fund Records - a searchable database of the five local Loan Funds in West Cork. These ‘annals of the poor’ offer an insight into the circumstances of the ordinary people of West Cork prior to, and as a result of, the Great Famine
• Estate Records - Tenant records of the Wrixon-Becher estate of Creagh. The surviving records cover the tenants of the estate 1803-1919. They cover 86 townlands in the greater Skibbereen area, with the majority from the Creagh and Tullagh parishes, including Sherkin and Cape Clear islands.
• Tithe Applotment Books - records of those who were eligible to pay tithes to the Church of Ireland.  Includes records for 15 parishes in the Barony of West Carbery
• Townlands Database listing the townlands and street names for much of West Cork.
• National School Records. The information recorded varies but generally includes the pupil's name, approximate age and year of attendance. Currently two schools are available, Drinagh Boys School 1910-1930 and Lisheen Girls School 1881-1920. More school registers will be added as they become available.