Porta Fontium - Bavarian-Czech Net of the Historical Digitised Sources

This ongoing project has created a two language, Czech and German, database which brings together very detailed information about Bomemica and Bavarica in the Czech Republic and Bavaria. This Porta Fontium website guide on Czech Genealogy for Beginners is an illustrated guide in English designed for those who do not speak Czech or German. The Porta Fontium site has four main sources - Matriky (registries), Kroniky (chronicles), Listiny (deeds) and Fotografie (photos). This is a step by step illustrated guide on how to use these records. For further information also see https://www.slideshare.net/icaruseu/augustin-and-halla-porta-fontium which is a slide-share presentation in English that details the formation of the archive, what it holds and examples of the original records that can be accessed. New