The International Tracing Service (ITS)

Use the ITS to find out more about the fates of victims of Nazi persecution. The ITS preserves and provides information on the following victim groups:
• All victims of the Holocaust and Nazi tyranny:
• Persons of all nationalities who were imprisoned in concentration camps, ghettoes, work camps and Gestapo prisons between 1933 and 1945
• Persons who were kidnapped on Reich territory and made to perform forced labor
• Displaced Persons (DPs) who were placed under the protection of international refugee organizations after their liberation
• Young people who were under 18 after their liberation and had been subjected to persecution
• Soviet prisoners of war and Italian military Internees as well as other prisoners of war who were committed to concentration camps or exploited for forced labor
The more than 30 million documents in the ITS archives also provide the basis for research and education. Since 2013, the original collections are part of the UNESCO-“Memory of the World” New