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Birth, Death and Marriage Records - Australia

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CoraWeb Quick Sheet 001 Australia: Available Birth, Death and Marriage Indexes 
CoraWeb Quick Sheet 002 Australia: BDM registry details and certificate costs 
CoraWeb Quick Sheet 007 UK & Ireland, New Zealand: Certificate costs and contacts 

Ancestry.com This commercial site has a variety of subscription options available and offers access to:
• Australia Birth Index 1788-1922 covering New South Wales(1788-1910), Northern Territory(1870-1910), Queensland (1829-1910, 1915-1919), South Australia (1842-1922), Tasmania (1803-1910), Victoria (1836-1910) and Western Australia (1841-1905)
• Australia Death Index 1787-1985 covering New South Wales (1788-1945), Northern Territory (1870-1913), Queensland  (1829-1959), South Australia  (1842-1970) Tasmania (1803-1919), Victoria  (1836-1985) and Western Australia  (1841-1980)
• Australia Marriage Index 1788-1949 covering New South Wales (1788-1945), Northern Territory (1870-1913), Queensland (1829-1935), South Australia (1842-1937), Tasmania (1803-1919), Victoria (1836-1920) and Western Australia (1841-1950)
Check if there is free access to Ancestry.com in a public or family history library near you.

The Ryerson Index This  index to death notices appearing in current Australian newspapers also includes some funeral notices, probate notices and obituaries. This ongoing project currently contains over 4+ million entries from 222 newspapers.

FamilySearch - Historical Record Collections - Australia and New Zealand  include: New
• Australia Deaths and Burials, 1816-1980 
• Australia, Births and Baptisms, 1792-1981 
• Australia, Cemetery Inscriptions, Sydney Branch Genealogical Library, 1800-1960 
• Australia, Marriages, 1810-1980
• Australia, Miscellaneous Genealogical Records, 1776-1980. Card index to transcripts of newspaper reports of births, marriages and deaths mostly New South Wales, with some records from Victoria
• Australia, New South Wales, Alphabetical Index to Newspaper Cuttings, 1841-1987 
• Australia, Queensland Cemetery Records, 1802-1990 
• Australia, Queensland, Maryborough Public Records, 1847-1989. Records include burial registers, a hospital death register, list of residents, a list of war memorials and honor rolls giving soldiers' names
• Australia, Tasmania, Civil Registration, 1803-1933 
• Australia, Tasmania, Miscellaneous Records, 1829-1961. The collection contains land, school, court and occupation records.

BDM Data Viewer, by Jason Ingram, is an index searching tool to enable you to revive those old DOS CD-ROM indexes that may no longer work with modern operating systems such as Windows 7/8. It works by reading data from your existing CD-ROMs and placing it into one proprietary data file that the BDM Data Viewer can read quickly and easily. This means you no longer need to load individual CDs and all the indexes can be searched simultaneously.  Currently the following indexes are supported: New
• NSW Between the Wars 1919-1945
• NSW Pioneers Index, 1788-1888
• NSW Federation Index 1889-1918
• VIC Pioneers Index, 1837-1888
• TAS Pioneers Index, 1803-1899 
• WA Pioneers Index, 1841-1905
BDM Data viewer can be purchased from the site for (AUD) $20 (download only) or on CD for A$35. For further information click on the Help/Overview link at the bottom of the site page.

Obituaries Australia This site hosted by the National Centre of Biography at the Australian National University, is a digital repository of obituaries published in newspapers, journals, magazines and bulletins. Here you will find the life stories of Australians from the earliest times to the present. There is also the opportunity to submit obituaries to this site.

Obits.com.au Australian death and funeral notices plus obituaries obtained from funeral directors or though contributions by members of the public. Notices are available from January 2006. The Obits Quick Search only searches recent notices so check the Archived Notices also.

The Last Post This site lists basic information about funerals as submitted by funeral directors on behalf of their clients. The searchable database currently contains 190,785+ entries.

What you can expect to see on an Australian BDM certificate over any given time period  You will find this resource on Graham Jaunay's site listed under The Free Help - AUS Info page.

Australasia Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange A free resource for sharing details on Australian and New Zealand certificates. A surname search is available plus links to international BDM exchanges.

Use Trove to Search for Divorce Records Major Australian newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald published lists and details of divorce cases. Use this site to search for such notices. 

Australian Capital Territory
Office of Regulatory Services Births, Deaths and Marriage Unit  with details of birth, death and marriage registration plus online access to the ACT Historical Indexes for deaths (1930-1982) and marriages (1930-1939) Updated

New South Wales
NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages There are details of the services offered to family historians including the online ordering of certificates. Online Historical Indexes are available for births (1788-1912), deaths (1788-1982) and marriages (1788-1962). Updated  

NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages - Early Church Records - Codes. These codes can be found on the microfiche indexes and cover baptisms, marriages and burials 1788 to 1855.  For example IQ is t the code for Wesleyan Methodist baptisms in Co. Argyle, Goulburn, Gunning, Yass. New

State Records New South Wales - Indexes Online - Index to Divorce Case Papers 1873-1930 This ongoing index records petitioner name, respondent and co-respondent (if named), divorce number, year and remarks. A copy of the file can be ordered online for a fee. There are also 60,000+ divorce and matrimonial cause case papers listed in Archives Investigator, dating from January 1922 to December 1945 and 1970.  Use the Experimental Tool - search to easily locate these. For more information see Archives in Brief 77 - Divorce Records.    

State Records New South Wales - Indexes Online - Inquests - Coroners' 1796-1824 This index lists name, date, locality, SRNSW  reference numbers and remarks (indicates if the person is the deceased or a witness). 

Ancestry.com - Registers of Coroners' Inquests, 1796-1942 These registers are fully indexed with access to digital copies of the original records which, depending on the date, can contain the following: name of deceased, age,  birthplace, estimated date and place of death, date and location of Inquest, verdict of inquest (probably cause of death), name of the coroner or magistrate, name of doctor, occupation of deceased and personal property belonging to deceased. This commercial site has a variety of subscription options available.

Hawkesbury on the Net - Church Registers This ongoing project offers online access to transcripts of selected church registers for St James, Pitt Town; St John's Wilberforce; St Joseph's, Macdonald River; St Matthew's, Windsor; St Philip's, Clydesdale and St Thomas, Sackville Reach.

Joy Murrin Family History Services Offers NSW birth, death and marriage transcriptions for births to 1912, deaths to 1982 and marriages to 1962. Also offers certificate services for Victoria, England, Wales, Scotland and New Zealand. Updated

Transcriptions.com.au A transcription service for NSW Birth, Death and Marriage certificates by Marilyn Rowan. Transcripts are available for births to 1912, deaths to 1982 and marriages to 1962. Also offers certificate services for England, Wales and New Zealand. Updated

Turtle Consolidated Services Transcriptions of NSW Birth, Death and Marriage Records by Laurence Turtle. Transcripts available for births to 1912, deaths to 1982 and marriages to 1962. Also offers transcripts for Tasmanian records up to 1899 and certificate service for England and Wales. Updated

Northern Territory
Northern Territory Government Department of Justice This site has birth, death and marriage registration details.

Queensland Goverment - Births, Deaths, Marriages and Divorces. Use the Historical Index Search facility to search for births 1829-1913, deaths 1829-1983 and marriages 1829-1938. Searches are free and historical images ($20) and historical certificates ($28) can be purchased online. New 

Queensland State Archives - Index to Queensland Divorces 1861-1894   These Supreme Court of Queensland divorce files usually contain petitions, marriage certificate (not always on earlier files), affidavit of service and identification, certificate of Registrar, notice of trial, decree nisi and decree absolute. The index lists name and references. Copies of the files are available from QSA for a fee.

Queensland State Archives - Index to Inquests 1859-1886  A search returns surname, given names, file date and number plus QSA references. Document copies are available from QSA for a fee.

South Australia  
Genealogy SA - SA BDM Certificate Transcription Service  This service is available for births 1842-1928, deaths 1842-1967 and marriages 1842-1937.

Genealogy SA - Online Database Search This search by the South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society includes:
•  Newspaper birth notices index from 1960 onwards
•  Newspaper death notices index from 1972 onwards
•  South Australia cemeteries index
•  Birth registration certificates index 1842-1928
•  Death registration certificates index 1842-1972
•  Marriage registration certificates index 1842-1937
The Society offers lookup and transcription services for a fee. 

Family History South Australia - South Australian historical births, deaths and marriages These databases by Barry Leadbeater currently include South Australian, births 1836-1854, deaths 1836-1855 and marriages 1836-1856. Updated

Colonial South Australian Pioneers - Arrivals, births, marriages, deaths & burials 1836-50s This pioneering South Australian colonists database, by Barry Leadbeater, contains combined archival collections of passenger lists, births, marriages, deaths and burials. New

FamilySearch Community Trees This project includes lineage-linked genealogies from specific time periods and geographic localities around the world. The South Australia Community Trees project (ongoing) contains information from the South Australian birth, marriage and death indexes, overseas sources and notes from the South Australian Biographical Indexes.

Adelaide Co-operative History Databases  These include South Australian and Northern Territory (to 1910) gazetted deaths 1845-1941 and WWI deaths of South Australian servicemen.

Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office  The Registration Office is part of Consumer and Business Services. There is family history information but no online indexes. These are available at Genealogy SA. Updated

Tasmania Department of Justice - Births, Deaths and Marriages Offers details of family history services.

FamilySearch - Historical Record Collections - Australia and New Zealand  include: New
• Australia, Tasmania, Civil Registration, 1803-1933 (browse images)
• Australia, Tasmania, Miscellaneous Records, 1829-1961 (browse images)

Turtle Consolidated Services Transcriptions of Tasmanian Birth, Death and Marriage Records by Laurence Turtle up to 1899.

LINC Tasmania - Online Indexes  These include:
• Colonial Tasmanian Family Links database links individuals with other members of their families living in Tasmania in the 19th Century. The information (not necessarily verified) about individuals is based primarily on records of births, deaths, and marriages and similar events. 
• Divorces Index (1861-1920) lists petitioner, respondent, co-respondent, reference, year and number. Copies of the records are available from TAHO.
• Inquests - index of records of inquests into people's deaths (c.1828-c.1930). These records vary from full files documenting the process to only the formal statements of the coronial findings. Inquests into fires are in the general index. Digital images of the records are available online.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Victoria Offers access indexes and digital images for births (1836-1912), deaths (1836-1988) New and marriages (1836-1942). There are also Marine Indexes and digital images for births, deaths and marriages on board ships to Victoria (1853-1920). Access fees apply.

FamilySearch Community Trees This project includes lineage-linked genealogies from specific time periods and geographic localities around the world. The Victorian Community Trees project (ongoing) contains information from birth, marriage and death indexes, other primary record sources and newspapers.

Index to Royal Women's Hospital (formerly Melbourne Lying-In Hospital ) Midwifery Book no 1 -1856-1876 This index facilitates access to the Royal Women's Hospital (Victoria) digitised Midwifery Book (1856-1876) which is freely available on the Royal Women's Hospital site.   

Divorce Index Victoria 1861-1900 This index, by Sue McBeth and Wendy Baker, indexes the divorce case files held by the PROV lists the names of both parties, any co-respondents and file references.

Public Record Office Victoria - Online Resources - Index to Divorce Cause Books 1861-1924 This index lists names of the petitioner, respondent and any co-respondents plus Supreme Court case numbers.

Places Names in Vic BDM Indexes Use this site, by Susie Zada, to take some of the guesswork out of the abbreviated place names used in Victorian BDM indexes. There is some great advice and tips.

Victorian Place Name Abbreviations This list, by Carolyn Harris, is useful when using the Victorian civil registration indexes as the place names are often abbreviated.

Victorian Place Name Abbreviations This alphabetical list, by Sally Routledge, can be downloaded as a PDF  file. It can help identify place names that are abbreviated on the Victorian BDM indexes.

Western Australia
Western Australian Historic Indexes These indexes cover births (1841-1932), deaths (1841-1971) and marriages (1841-1936).

Reverse Western Australia Marriage Lookup 1906-1965  The WA registry site (above) offers online marriage indexes to 1936. This site, by the Perth Dead Persons Society, offers searches beyond this date and identifies both husband and wife, something that is not possible using the microfiche index 1906-1965. There is also a county marriages index available 1951-1965.

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