Ballarat Historical Society – Ballarat Benevolent Society Register of Inmates 1860-1925

This transcription of the inmate registers of the Ballarat Benevolent Society is an ongoing project by Brett Weinberg. This comprehensive index lists Surname, Given Name, Number, Occupation, Place of Residence, Birth Place, Age (Years), Parents’ Names, Married or Single, Issue, Arrived in Colony, Religion, Ground of Application, By Whom Recommended, Date of Admission, Period for which admittedĀ  (Days), Discharge date, Discharge Cause, Died, Remarks, Register Page, Register of Inmates and Register Year or Event Year. The inmate registers are held by Ballarat Health Services.
Consolidated Registers 1860-1925
Registers of Inmates 1860-1915 (missing 1912-1913)
Registers of Inmates Lying-In Wards 1892-1922 (missing 1917-1920)
Registers of Inmates Insane Hospital 1910-1928
Registers of Inmates Maternity Wards 1922-1925
Registers of Inmates Old Age Pensioners 1911-1921
Various assorted miscellaneous registers and register summaries

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