Church Court Records Online

The National Archives of Scotland holds the public and legal records of Scotland. These include the Church Court Records. These records consist of the minutes and accounts of kirk sessions, presbyteries, synods and the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. They also contain a wide variety of other documents, providing a picture of everyday life in Scotland from the sixteeenth century onwards and amount to more than 25,000 volumes, about 5 million pages of information.  These records for the whole of Scotland have been digitised and are currently available at selected Archives (not online). In 2013 it is planned to make these records more widely available online via a subscription-based service. Researchers will have the choice of accessing the records free of charge in various Scottish archives, or using the subscription service.
Note: In April 2011, the General Register Office for Scotland merged with the National Archives of Scotland to become the National Records of Scotland (NRS).

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