Index to Royal Women’s Hospital (formerly Melbourne Lying-In Hospital ) Midwifery Book no 1 -1856-1876

This index facilitates free access to the digitised Midwifery Book (1856-1876). Please note the image number, year and case number of an entry of interest before proceeding to the following link.
Series 405 – Midwifery Books
Melbourne Lying In Hospital, Midwifery Record Book No. 1, from Aug 19th 1856 to Mar 15th 1879. This book recorded the patient’s name, age, marital condition and parity or number of previous deliveries; date of admission and discharge. It then recorded details of the labour and delivery: the time in labour (which generally meant the time in second stage or heavy labour), the presentation (head, breech, transverse) and whether the baby was born alive or was stillborn. If the baby was alive, its sex, weight and length were noted, as were any interventions such as the use of forceps, or any manipulation by the accoucheur of its presentation. Complications such as prolonged (tedious) labour, haemorrhage, pre-eclampsia or obstructed labour would be noted, along with occasional social comments such as “a notorious thief” or “brought in by police”.

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