Prison Ship (Hulk) Registers 1811-1843 – Search records for 8,900+ prisoners held on prison ships 1811-1843. Prison ships, or hulks, were ships used as floating prisons – often ships were used that were no longer fit for battle but were still afloat. This collection of records includes details of prisoners on the following hulks: Bellerophon, Euryalus, Hardy and Antelope, as well as a small number of records for Parkhurst prison. These records also include 19 convicts on the Antelope (transferred from the Justitia hulk in November 1823) and 20 convicts in Parkhurst prison (transferred from the York hulk in December 1838). The original registers for the Bellerophon, Euryalus and Hardy Hulks are at The National Archives – HO9.

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