SIX – Spatial Information Exchange – New South Wales

The SIX Portal acts as a single entry point through which to search, access and utilise the wealth of geospatial services and land and poperty information data for which Land and Property Information (LPI) is the custodian. There is a link to the Historical Land Records Viewer (HLRV) with access to 2.5+ million images of historical maps, plans, titles and indexes. Records available via the HLRV include:
• Charting Maps: Parish Maps, Town Maps, and other maps known as ‘Charting Maps’, recording subdivision and status changes to land parcels
• Plan Lodgment Books: used between 1863 to 1995 to record details of plans lodged with the department. The register is a good starting point to find title and owner information when you only have a plan number
• Old Form Torrens Registers: Torrens Titles from 1863 to 1961 available at LPI, Queen Square, NSW State Library and State Records (Kingswood) public terminals – view only
• Historical Parish Maps: cancelled editions of Crown Land Parish and Town Maps which show how subdivisions and other actions have altered land parcels over time
Coming soon
• Old System Grant Index and Register 1792-1862: a chronological record of the surnames or company names of those who bought or received grants of land from the Crown, and the associated images
• Old System Purchasers Index 1896-1985: a record of individuals purchasing an estate or interest in land
• Old System Vendors Index 1825-1986: a record of individuals selling an estate or interest in land
• Old System Deeds 1825-1992: images from the General Register of Deeds for all registered common law (known as Old System) land transactions
TIP: Land records are complex so use the search guides available on the site.

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