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Need Help with Shipping Research? See  Shipping and Migration Research on the Internet, 2012 and How Did They Get Here? Arrivals after 1924, 2nd edition, 2012. 
National Archives of Australia - Index to Passenger Arrivals 1921-1949 For access click on Search the collection then Begin your search.  You can then search using a Basic search, Advanced search, NameSearch, PhotoSearch or Passenger arrivals index. Choose the Passenger arrivals index (top right tab). This online database indexes inward passenger manifests for ships and aircraft arriving at Fremantle, Perth Airport and outports. Currently arrivals at Western Australian ports (1921-1949) and Perth airport (1944-1949) are available for searching. These records include all passengers disembarking but also those travelling onto other Australian ports such as Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. For further details see Fact Sheet 220: Index to Passenger Arrivals. The migrant selection documents are also available for post World War II displaced persons and refugee arrivals. These are listed at item level on the RecordSearch database as are many of those for British migrants (1950-1973) (Series A1877).

National Maritime Museum Sydney - Welcome Wall Click on the Welcome Wall link to access information about the Welcome Wall and to search the online database available from the Find your name link. This link allows you to launch the virtual Welcome Wall and there is also a text based version of the database available. Information provided includes name, comment, vital dates, origin, arrival details, where first settled and wall location.

Western Australian Museum - Welcome Walls More than one third of Western Australia's population was born overseas. The Welcome Walls projects pay tribute to those migrants who arrived by sea, landing at Fremantle or Albany. The Search Names link lists name, arrival year, ship name, family story and panel number. Full details are available by clicking on the name.

Australia's Virtual Immigration Wall of Honour This free site, created by Janet Reakes, offers the opportunity to record the arrival of your family into Australia and to make contact with other descendants/researchers. The online data lists names, birthplace, county, country and arrival details.

The Fifth Fleet  This site, by Ann Smith, details the ships which were chartered by the International Refugee Organization to bring 164,100+ displaced persons from Germany to Australia (1947-1951). There is a list of the ships with arrival date and port. This new and developing site aims to encourage others with a connection to refugee movements from Europe (1946-1954) to share information and perhaps reconnect.

World War II Refugees to Australia This site, by Tom Stiglmayer, lists migrants from Germany, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania. The index is arranged by year 1947-1966 with ships listed alphabetically. Each ships' list has names, nationality and reference.

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild This site has 12,000+ passenger list transcripts online including ships to Australia. Collections include World War II Refugees to Australia by Tom Stiglmayer.

Nationaal Archief - From the Netherlands to Australia Database This database, compiled from emigration cards kept by Dutch consulates in Australia, lists 50,000+ Dutch emigrants to Australia 1946-1991. Information such as date of birth, date of departure, date and mode of arrival, ie ship or aircraft, and port of arrival is available. Further details are available but may be subject to privacy regulations. Click on English to enable the English version.

The Ships List - Emigrants from Great Britain & Ireland to Australia: 1825-1832 This information has been extracted from the British Parliamentary Papers (1833, XXVI, 279). It is arranged by colony and lists name, trade, number of persons in each family and amount (£) given to each. The ship of arrival is not listed.

Ozships: Australian Shipping 1788-1968 This site by Peter Larson lists shipping arrivals and departures. It also includes 92,000+ passenger list entries which can be browsed alphabetically. These are linked to transcripts of the passenger lists.

Highlands and Islands Emigration Society Passenger Lists (1852-1857) These lists are on the Scottish Archive Network's digital archive. The Society, set up by private subscription, promoted and assisted the emigration of destitute Highlanders to Australia. The lists are organised by ship and by family and record name, age, residence and sometimes notes on health and situation.

Highland and Island Emigration Society This site,  by William Clarke, includes a list of ships that carried the emigrants from Scotland to Australian ports plus names and other details for these emigrants.

Immigrants Recruited by the Launceston Immigration Aid Society 1855-1862. This book, by Kevin Green, is available online. Includes a bibliography and index of the 850 immigrants recruited. Descendants of the immigrants can add their details so contact can be made with other researchers.

Invisible Australians - Living under the White Australia Policy This emerging site is assembling biographical information about the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Afghans, Syrians and Malays who faced discriminatory laws and policies designed to deny them their place as Australians. Over 7,200 photographs from series ST84/1, Certificates of Domicile and Certificates of Exemption from Dictation Test, held by the National Archives of Australia are online.

Irish Famine Memorial, Sydney This site commemorates over 4,000 single young women, most of whom were orphans who arrived under a special emigration scheme (the Earl Grey Scheme) designed to resettle destitute girls from the workhouses of Ireland during the Great Famine. Online Resources include the Famine Orphan Girl database, a ships database which includes shipping lists for the 20 ships that brought orphan girls to Australia (Sydney, Adelaide and Port Phillip) 1848-1850. There is also a list of the 400+ names on the monument. 

First Female Emigration Scheme between Great Britain and the Australian Colonies  A site by Elizabeth Rushen. The fourteen ships that brought 2,700 female emigrants to Sydney, Hobart and Launceston (1833-1837) are listed plus an alphabetical list of the women.

Emigrants An online aid for those seeking emigrant passenger lists. It allows family history researchers to link with others searching for emigrant passenger lists.

New South Wales
State Records New South Wales - Indexes Online - Immigration include: 
Assisted Immigrants to Port Phillip (Vic) 1839-1851, Sydney and Newcastle 1844-1859, Moreton Bay (Brisbane) 1848-1859, Sydney 1860-1879 and 1880-1896. This index lists names, age, ship’s name, arrival year, port of arrival, remarks and references (microfilm reel number) for access to the passenger lists. You can search these indexes separately or do a combined search.
Miscellaneous Immigrants 1828-1843 index lists 9000+ names of passengers who paid their own fare and some assisted immigrants. Details given include ship, names, age, date of arrival, references (microfilm reel, page and item numbers), remarks and records series (NRS) number. It does not cover all arrivals for this period.
Unassisted Immigrants 1842-1855 index lists 136,000+ passengers who paid their own way. It also includes ships' crew and interstate or colonial arrivals. A search returns names, age, ship, status (passenger, crew or master), arrival date, origin port, reference/reel and remarks. 
State Records offer a copying service of some indexes for a fee but check below to see if the film reel is available as a free online digitised microfilm. Alternatively many of the original records are available at $$ Ancestry.com.

State Records New South Wales - Online microfilm of Shipping Lists.
 Use the online indexes listed above to locate the reel number and then use the free online reel to scroll through the digital copies of the passenger lists, ship by ship, just as you would if using microfilm. Reels for these records series (NRS) are currently available: 
• List of Irish passengers arrived on the ship Sir Joseph Banks, Oct 1828, NRS 5309
• Persons on early migrant ships, 1828-1832, NRS 5310
• Persons on early migrant ships, May 1832-Jan 1833, NRS 5311
• Women on the ship Red Rover and other early migrant ships, 1832, NRS 5312
• Persons on government ships, Aug 1837-1840, NRS 5313
• Persons on bounty ships (Agent's Immigrant Lists), 1838-1896, NRS 5316, reels 2134-2145
• Persons on bounty ships arriving at Port Phillip, 1839-1851, NRS 5318
• Germans on bounty ships, 1849-1852, NRS 5320
• Members of the Family Colonization Loan Society, 1854-1857, NRS 5322
• Passenger lists of the Family Colonization Loan Society, 1854-1855, NRS 5323.
Note: More reels will be added as they become available.

Ancestry.com - New South Wales Assisted Immigrant Passenger Lists 1828-1896 and Unassisted Immigrant Passenger Lists 1826-1922  There is a free name search with subscription, or pay to view, options available to access the digitised records. This database covers the following records held by State Records New South Wales:
• Returns of convicts applications for wives and families to be brought to New South Wales at Government expense. (NRS 1190, reel 699)
• Persons on bounty ships (Agent’s Immigrant Lists). (NRS 5316, reels 2134-2143)

• Persons on early migrant ships. (NRS 5310, reel 1286)
• Wage agreements and entitlement certificates of persons on bounty ships (Agent's Immigrant Lists). (NRS 5315, reels 2449-2456)
• Persons on bounty ships to Sydney, Newcastle, and Moreton Bay (Board’s Immigrant Lists). (NRS 5317, reels 2458-2498)
• Persons on bounty ships arriving at Port Phillip (Agent's Immigrant Lists). (NRS 5318, reels 2143A-2145)
• Passengers arriving at Sydney 1846 (Agent's Immigrant Lists). (NRS 5326, reel 2457)
• Inward passenger lists. (NRS 13278, reels 399-560, 2001-2122, 2751)
• Reports of vessels arrived. (NRS 1291, reels 1263-1285, 2851)

Ancestry.com - New South Wales Immigration Deposit Journals, 1853-1900 There is a free name search with subscription, or pay to view, options available to access the digitised records. This database covers the following records held by State Records New South Wales.
• Immigration Deposit Journals (NRS 5264, 9 reels of microfilm).
• Immigration Deposits (refunded or declined). (NRS 5266, 4 reels of microfilm).
This collection records the money deposited to sponsor the immigration of a specific person and the reason for the deposit being declined or refunded. The records include name, number of deposit, date of deposit, age, estimated birth year, country and place of origin, ship, date of immigration, nationality, amount paid toward cost of passage, sponsor name, and reason for refund.

Ancestry.com - Wives and Children of Irish Convicts 1825-1840 There is a free name search with subscription, or pay to view, options available to access the digitised records. This index was originally published on CD-ROM by the Central Coast Family History Society Inc., East Gosford and was titled Wives & Children of Irish Convicts Petitioned by Husbands and Fathers. This index contains lists of wives and children of convicts transported to New South Wales who, at their husband's or father’s request, were brought to New South Wales at the government's expense to join their spouse or parent. The index also includes female convicts whose children were transported with them. This index was compiled from musters and other New South Wales records. 

Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters This site, hosted by State Records of New South Wales, is indexing and transcribing unassisted passenger lists 1845-1922 held by SRNSW (NRS 13278). This ongoing project currently has lists for 1845-1883, 1886-1889 and 1909 complete with lists for 1884-1885, 1890-1902 and 1922 almost complete. Lists for 1903-1921 are ongoing and are being added as they become available. The transcripts of the passenger lists are linked to images of the original records (free). Ship crew members are also listed on these records.

Ships Muster Index: Passengers and Crew Departing NSW, 1816-1825 This index, by Norma Tuck, is part of the Society of Australian Genealogists - Online databases and can be searched by names, ship and year.

Pure Merinos and Others: The 'Shipping Lists' of the Australian Agricultural Company This book by P. A. Pemberton, originally published in 1986, is online in PDF format.  Between 1825 and 1862 the Australian Agricultural Company and its subsidiary, Peel River Land and Mineral Company brought over 700 men to New South Wales from England, Ireland, China, Germany and Chile to work on their extensive pastoral estates or at their colliery in Newcastle. Many were accompanied by wives and families. This book is a must if you have family associated with these companies. 

FamilySearch  The free searchable Historical Record Collections for Australia and New Zealand include:
• Index to Bounty Immigrants, 1828-1842 
The online images are of the original index cards. This index, compiled by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members is also available on SRNSW reels 30-37. It covers persons on early migrant ships, 1828-1832 (SRNSW series NRS 5310); persons on early migrant ships, May 1832-Jan 1833 (SRNSW series NRS5311) and entitlement certificates of persons on bounty ships, 1832-1842 (SRNSW series NRS 5314). The original records are held by SRNSW.

Peter Madden's Emigrant Databases There are databases for Galway, IRL (1828-1864), Tipperary, IRL (1828-1865) and Inverness, SCT (1828-1866). These databases record the details of assisted emigrants from these counties to New South Wales and Queensland with some to Victoria. They list name, age, year and ship of arrival, native place, parents' names and residence plus the names of relations in the colony.

Donegal Relief Fund Passenger Lists Includes the following ships to Sydney: Queen of England, Sapphire, Lady Elma Bruce, Caribou, Nile, Abyssinian, Montrose, Sandringham and Queen of the East.

Indexes mostly relating to Immigration by Pastkeys. These indexes available for sale on CD-ROM.

Migration Heritage Centre New South Wales This Centre is a virtual immigration museum and identifies, records, preserves and interprets the heritage of migration and settlement 1788 to the present day. Use this gateway to learn about the State's migration heritage through community collections, family belongings, people's memories and special places. The publications link lists a wealth of resources - books, CDs and DVDs.

State Records New South Wales - Immigration from Many Lands This resource page includes information on the Chinese on the Goldfields, Italian arrivals on the Saint Ludwina, Lebanese hawkers, Russian migration and settlement in NSW plus much more.

State Records New South Wales - Indexes Online The Immigration indexes include Assisted Immigrants includes those arriving at Moreton Bay (Brisbane) 1848-1859. Note: Passenger list images are available on Ancestry.com.au. A fee ($) applies. They are also available through SRNSW free online microfilm reels.

Queensland State Archives - Immigration Indexes  
Immigration indexes online at QSA include:
• Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1875-1884
• Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1884-1907
• Assisted Immigration 1848-1912 - This index provides free direct access to digital copies of the original passenger lists. New
• Card index to nominated immigrants 1908-1922
• Immigration 1922-1940
• Land orders 1861-1874
• Oronsay immigration 1925-1972 New
• Passage Certificates 1887-1906
• Passport Register 1926-1939
• Register of immigrants 1864-1878
• Registers of immigrants, Brisbane 1885-1917
Once you have an index reference copies of the original documents can be ordered from QSA for a small fee. 

Ancestry.com - Queensland Immigration Indexes  There is a free name search with subscription, or pay to view, options available to access further information. Indexes available include: 
• Index to Registers of Passengers on Immigrant Ships arriving in Queensland 1848-1912 from ports in the UK and Europe. These registers do not include passengers from New Zealand, the Americas or other non-European ports. Details given vary but may include name, age, date and place of arrival in Queensland, ship name, date and port of departure. This database covers records held by Queensland State Archives, Series ID 13086, Registers of Immigrant Ships' Arrivals, Reels M471, M473, M1075, M1696–1710.
Maryborough Queensland Australia Immigrants from the British Isles & Germany 1861-1891. This index, by Janet Reakes, is from original data held by the Queensland State Archives. The index lists name, age, ship and year of arrival. 

South Australia
State Records of South Australia Offers online searching of Official Assisted Passage Passenger Lists 1845-1886. Click on Access Collection Catalogue then choose Searching from the left menu. A search of this index returns surname or ship name, year, first name/list number, notes and volume. Use the following sites to access transcripts of the passenger lists. 

Family History South Australia - South Australian Passenger Lists - Shipping arrivals and immigration 1803 to 1854+ This ongoing project currently has passenger lists for 1,320+ ships available. This database is fully searchable.

Colonial South Australian Pioneers - Arrivals, births, marriages, deaths & burials 1836-50s This pioneering South Australian colonists database, by Barry Leadbeater, contains combined archival collections of passenger lists, births, marriages, deaths and burials. New

The Ships List - Immigrants to South Australia, (UK, assisted passage) 1847-1886  This ongoing project by Robert Janmaat currently has over 200 selected lists for 1847-1866; 1868; 1870-1872 available. Use the Search Australia Lists box to search all Australian lists hosted by The Ships List. 

Bound for South Australia - Passenger Lists 1836-1851 by Diane Cummings The passenger lists are arranged by arrival year and alphabetically by ship name within each year. The passenger lists are presented as scanned images from the original source or are transcribed. There is no keyword search option. At the bottom of the page there are some Quick links for access. Choose a year from the list on the right to search. Updated

German Emigrants to South Australia 1837-1864 This database, by Robert Janmaat, is on the The Ships List site and has transcripts of the passenger lists online. 

Horner Index to Overseas Departures by Passenger Ship from South Australia 1836-1887 This card index, compiled by Sally Horner from the Register newspaper, is available online as PDF files on the State Library of South Australia's site. It does not list interstate or intrastate departures.

Tasmania -
LINC Tasmania The online name indexes include:
• Arrivals - index of passengers and ships arriving in the 19th century. This index includes passengers, crew, ship's masters and ships arrivals mostly to Hobart. Many of the records have been digitised and are available online. Updated
• Departures - index of people leaving Tasmanian ports (1817-1867). This ongoing index lists names; rank; ship, date and port of departure; where bound; ship to colony; status and remarks. Records of departures from series POL220 have been digitised and are now available online.

Ancestry.com  This site offers access to indexes and digitised images of Tasmanian records. There is a free name search with various subscription options available to access images of the original records held by the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office. Databases include:
• Tasmania Passenger Arrivals, 1829-1957 - Most of the records are for arrivals to Hobart, with some to Launceston.
• Tasmania, Immigrant Lists, 1841-1884
• Tasmania, Immigrant Applications and Bounty Tickets, 1854-1887

Our Digital Island Indentured Servants of the Van Diemen’s Land Company site This was archived 2000. There are transcripts of the passenger lists for the twelve ships that brought the indentured servants and their families to Van Diemen’s Land 1825-1837. Details include name, place of origin, occupation and spouse. Not all details are available for all ships.

State Records New South Wales - Indexes Online - Shipping and Immigration The index to Assisted Immigrants includes those arriving at Port Phillip 1839-1851. Note: Passenger list images are available on Ancestry.com.au. A fee ($) applies. They are also available through SRNSW free online reels (See New South Wales). 

Public Record Office of Victoria - Index to Assisted British Immigration 1839-1871 A search returns names, age, month, year and ship of arrival plus book and page number which refer to the passenger lists held on microfiche. Note: Passenger list images are available on Ancestry.com.au. A fee ($) applies. 

Public Record Office of Victoria - Index to Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria 1852-1923 This database lists unassisted passengers to Victoria from British, Foreign and New Zealand Ports. A search returns name, title, age, arrival date, ship name and fiche reference to the relevant passenger list. Note: Passenger list images are available on Ancestry.com.au. A fee ($) applies.

Public Record Office of Victoria - Index to Outward Passengers to Interstate, UK, NZ and Foreign Ports 1852-1923 A search of this index to passengers on ships leaving Victoria returns names, age, ship name, departure month and year, destination, film references (month and year) and page number. The passenger lists are held on microfilm by PROV (VPRS 3506) and can be viewed in PROV reading rooms.

Ancestry.com - Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists 1839-1923 - Victoria  There is a free name search with subscription, or pay to view, options available to access the digitised records. This database covers the following records held by the Public Record Office Victoria:
• Inward Overseas Passenger Lists (British Ports). (Microfiche VPRS 7666, copy of VRPS 947)
• Inward Overseas Passenger Lists (Foreign Ports). (Microfiche VPRS 7667, copy of VRPS 947)
• Inward Overseas Passenger Lists (New Zealand Ports). (Microfiche VPRS 13439, copy of VRPS 947)
• Register of Assisted Immigrants from the United Kingdom. (Microfiche VPRS 14)

Origins - Immigrant Communities in Victoria This site contains the migration histories of 82 communities. There are photographs, graphs and statistics based on official government census data collected since 1854.

Western Australia
Passenger Arrivals Index 1921-1949 This database by the National Archives of Australia indexes the  Inward passenger manifests for ships and aircraft arriving at Fremantle, Perth Airport and outports. Currently arrivals at WA ports (1921-1949) and Perth airport (1944-1949) are available for searching. For access click on Search the collection then Begin your search. You can then search using the  Passenger arrivals index tab (RHS). These records include all passengers disembarking but also those travelling onto other Australian ports.

Ancestry.com - Western Australia, Crew and Passenger Lists, 1852-1930  There is a free name search with subscription, or pay to view, options available to access the digitised records. This database covers the following records held by State Records Office of Western Australia.
•  Registers of Inward and Outward Passengers, 1893-1896. Accession Number 113, AN 371  
• Lists of Emigrants by Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners’ Ships, 1851-1867. Accession Number 115, AN 371 
• Survey Office, Passenger Lists – Inwards from Overseas, 1829-1930. Accession Number 297 
• Arrivals and Departures for Fremantle and Outports, 1898-1915. Accession Number 457 
• Colonial Secretary’s Office, Passenger and Crew Lists, Manifests Inwards for Fremantle, 1880-1898 (incomplete) 
• Colonial Secretary’s Office, Passenger Lists of Immigrants for Certain Ships, 1876-1877. Series 1243, Consignment 633 
• Register – Expirees and Conditional Pardons, 1863-1894. Series 1135, Consignment 318, Item 1

1829 Shipping Arrivals to the Swan River Colony  Use the Western Australian Genealogical Society site and click on Genealogy WA Data for access. This information has been transcribed from early newspapers and includes passenger lists. 

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