Find A Grave

Use this site to find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials or add photos, virtual flowers and a note to a loved one’s memorial. Search or browse cemeteries and grave records for every-day and famous people from around the…


HeavenAddress provides families and friends with a respectful place to celebrate, honour and pay tribute to loved ones regardless of time, place and religion. HeavenAddress is a digital memory box where photos, videos and messages can be stored and encourages…

Beverley Davis Burial Data Collection – Jewish burials

The BD-BD holds details of the headstones from 48,402+ Jewish graves in Australia and New Zealand, plus Australian War graves overseas and a few others. This database is fully searchable and Hebrew on headstones has been converted to roman text.…

Whakatane District Council – Online Cemeteries Search

Whakatane District Council manages and operates a number of cemeteries and a crematorium at Hillcrest cemetery. An online search is available for Domain Road cemetery, Hillcrest cemetery and crematoium, Murupara cemetery, Ta-neatua cemetery, Waimana cemetery and Awakaponga cemetery. New

Findmypast – Australasian Records – Life Events (BDMs)

Findmypast is a commercial family history site offering access to a worldwide collection of records. There are free searches available but a subscription or Pay As You Go is needed to access transcripts and/or copies of the digitised original records. The Australasian Life Events…

Waitaki District Council

The online cemeteries burial search includes the Oamaru cemetery and Oamaru lawn cemetery.

Tauranga City Council – New Zealand

The Council has collaborated with Rotorua District Council to enable online searching of the following Tauranga cemeteries: Pyes Pa Memorial Park, Presbyterian cemetery, Methodist cemetery, Catholic cemetery, Anglican cemetery and the Latter-day Saints cemetery. The online search does not include…

Waimakariri District Council

The online cemetery database offers searches of the following cemeteries: Cust, Kaiapoi, Oxford and Rangiora.

Waipa District Council

The online cemetery database offers searches of the following cemeteries: Hautapu, Kihikihi, Leamington, Ohaupo, Paterangi, Pirongia, Puahue, Pukeatua, Pukerimu and Te Awamutu.