Find A Grave

Use this site to find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials or add photos, virtual flowers and a note to a loved one’s memorial. Search or browse cemeteries and grave records for every-day and famous people from around the…


HeavenAddress provides families and friends with a respectful place to celebrate, honour and pay tribute to loved ones regardless of time, place and religion. HeavenAddress is a digital memory box where photos, videos and messages can be stored and encourages…

Beverley Davis Burial Data Collection – Jewish burials

The BD-BD holds details of the headstones from 48,402+ Jewish graves in Australia and New Zealand, plus Australian War graves overseas and a few others. This database is fully searchable and Hebrew on headstones has been converted to roman text.…

Whakatane District Council – Online Cemeteries Search

Whakatane District Council manages and operates a number of cemeteries and a crematorium at Hillcrest cemetery. An online search is available for Domain Road cemetery, Hillcrest cemetery and crematoium, Murupara cemetery, Ta-neatua cemetery, Waimana cemetery and Awakaponga cemetery. New

Findmypast – Australasian Records – Life Events (BDMs)

Findmypast is a commercial family history site offering access to a worldwide collection of records. There are free searches available but a subscription or Pay As You Go is needed to access transcripts and/or copies of the digitised original records. The Australasian Life Events…

Waitaki District Council

The online cemeteries burial search includes the Oamaru cemetery and Oamaru lawn cemetery.

Wanganui District Council

There is an online cemetery search database (cemeteries included are not listed). The main cemetery is Aramoho cemetery with other cemeteries at Brunswick, Heads Road, Matarawa and Maxwell. This database is an ongoing project with data being added as it…

Waipa District Council

The online cemetery database offers searches of the following cemeteries: Hautapu, Kihikihi, Leamington, Ohaupo, Paterangi, Pirongia, Puahue, Pukeatua, Pukerimu and Te Awamutu.

Waimakariri District Council

The online cemetery database offers searches of the following cemeteries: Cust, Kaiapoi, Oxford and Rangiora.