India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Ceylon Daily News Obituaries

These are available for specific dates from 2001 to date. Click on Archives and then Open Calendar and choose a date.

Dutch Burgher Union of Ceylon

The Journals of the Dutch Burgher Union of Ceylon (JDBU) volumes 1-70 (1908-2005) are available online. These journals are an excellent resource for researching the Dutch Burgher community in Sri Lanka, particularly in the pre-migration period of the late 1950s.…

Department of National Archives – Sri Lanka

This site details the records held plus historical and other information. Online material includes the Thombu Index with detailed references to Tombos or the land registers first compiled by the Portuguese and later improved by the Dutch.

Sri Lanka Genealogy

This extensive site includes the naming conventions of Sri Lanka, obituaries 1999 to date plus sections on family trees, history, geography, people, alumni, literature, name lists, serendipity, military, communities, help and FAQ.

The Army Children Archive (TACA)

Chronicling British army children’s history. This archive aims to collect, record, preserve and share details of the unique aspects of growing up as the child of a soldier serving in the British Army, whether that growing up was done during…