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The Clearances.org – Highland Clearance in Scotland

Were the Clearances ethnic cleansing or economic necessity or something in-between. This site aims to tell some of the stories from the Highland Clearances. There are many different stories, most sad but some happy. There are stories of greed, of…

Scottish Book Trade Index

This index, by National Library of Scotland, indexes printers, publishers, booksellers, bookbinders, printmakers, stationers and papermakers based in Scotland, from the beginnings of Scottish printing to c1850.

ScotlandGen Web

This resource site for Scottish research aims to have a link to a web site for each county. Currently only a few counties are represented.

Scottish Genealogy Society

Click on Family Histories to access the Family History Index. This is an index to 2,500+ files deposited by researchers.


This site has been set up as a meeting place for people with an interest in Scottish genealogy, history and culture. This site has useful links to societies, sources and libraries. It also includes information on census records and registration…

ScotGen blog

The Scottish Genealogy Blog about Scottish genealogy and anything else genealogical.