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Wills and Probate Records in Australia

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How to Locate Australian Wills This guide by Graham Jaunay explains what indexes are available, lists relevant addresses and details the access conditions.
New South Wales
State Records New South Wales - Deceased Estates, Intestate and Probates
• Deceased Estate Files 1880-1923. This index, to the records covering death duties, contains 118,000+ entries from the index to registers of deceased estates. This ongoing project currently covers 1887-1923 with entries being added as they become available.
• Index to Intestate Estate Case Papers. These records relate to those individuals who did not leave a will. The index currently covers the years 1823-1902.
• Probate Packets for 1817-May 1873 (Series 1), 1873-1876 (Series 2), 1876-1890 (Series 3) and 1928-1972 from Series 4. These can be name searched using Archives Investigator. Click on Simple Search, enter the name (add the word death after the name) in the Keyword box, then select Using 'all words' . The series number, item, name, exact death date and date probate was granted are returned. This information can be used to order Probate Packets from SRNSW (fee applies). See Archives in Brief 84 - Probate Packets for further information. Updated
• Probate – Early Records . This index is for supplementary probate records that are not part of the main probate series. It records the name, date, item number and page number. The index to the main probate series is available on microfiche 1800-1985. See Archives in Brief 84 - Probate Packets for further information.

Queensland State Archives - Online Indexes - Updated
Court Indexes include:
• Equity Files 1857-1895
• Instruments of Renunciation Index 1915-1983 lists names, death date, date filed and QSA reference. Renunciations are where the Executor/Executrix no longer wishes to administer the will.
• Trustees Files Index 1889-1929
• Wills Index 1857-1940 compiled from original Supreme Court files. It lists names, district, will number and QSA references.
Copies of the documents are available from QSA for a fee.

LINC Tasmania - Wills ands Letters of Administration 1824-1989 Digital copies of the records to 1989 are available online for free. To view a digitised record, search the index by name and then click on the will number link in the search results screen.

Public Record Office of Victoria - Wills and Probate Records 1841-2007 Records 1841-1925 are online, PROV guide 29 details how to use the online index and access digitised copies of wills and probate records for free. PROV guide 68 details how to use the records from 1926.

Supreme Court of Victoria, Probate Online Advertising System From 2 March 2009 an advertisement of an applicant’s intention to apply for Probate and Administration may have been published on this site. Prior to this all Probate and Administration advertisements were published in metropolitan and regional newspapers.

Western Australia
State Records Office of Western Australia Click on  Birth, Deaths and Marriages > Probate and Administration Records for details of the Western Australian Records. References to probate records can be located by surname searching AEON the online database. See the online Information Sheet Grants of Probate (Wills) and Letters of Administration. 

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