NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages - Family History Search

There are details of the services offered for family history research including online certificate ordering. The Registry’s Family History Search provides access to unrestricted searching (no identification required) for births over 100 years, deaths over years ago and marriages over 50 years. This date range is extended by one year from the date of your search so on the 1 May 2019 you can search births to 1 May 1919, deaths to 1 May 1989 and marriages to 1 May 1969. You can use advanced wildcard characters to find or replace text.
• Use * to find string of characters - R*n will match Ron, Ran, Roan etc. and Bro*' it will match any word starting with Bro e.g. Brooks, Bromley, Bros.
• Use ? to replace a single character - R?n will match Ron, Ran etc. It will not match Roan.
• Use @ for a soundex search - @colin will match Clune, Colan, Cullan, Callahan.
TIP: For further information you can download a Family History Search Help Guide