Brave Women – Nurses who served in the South Pacific area

This site is dedicated to the nurses who served in the South Pacific area. It features personal narratives of nurses (both military and civilian) imprisoned by the Japanese forces of occupation during WW2, as well as information on Australian nurses’ involvement in the Vietnam conflict. As an example there are links to: The Bangka Island massacre;  The Tol Plantation massacre; Betty Jeffrey;  J.E. Simons; Lest We Forget; The prisoners of Rabaul; The Vyner Brooke sinking; Wilma Oram Young; Vivian Bullwinkel; The Wah Sui Incident; Civilian nursing teams in Vietnam; The voyage of the Empire Star; Vunapope Mission and Bravery of the Indigenous Sisters. This old style site has a wealth of information and links to information not readily available elsewhere.


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