Defence Forces Ireland – Military Archives

Military Archives is the place of deposit for the archives of the Defence Forces, the Department of Defence and the Army Pensions Board. The extensive online collections are arranged as follows:
• Military Service Pensions Collection 1916-1923
• Bureau of Military History 1913-1921
• Maps, Plans & Drawings Collection
• Military Archives Image Identification Project

• Irish Army Census Collection 1922
• Easter 1916 An tÓglách Accounts
• An tÓglách Magazine
• Military Archives Image Gallery

Note: The Military Archives holds the personnel records of those who served in the military of the Irish Free State from 1922 to the late 1970’s, as well as material pertaining to the Irish Volunteers and the Independence movement, 1913-1921. Information about British Army records, including those for the Irish regiments, can be obtained at The National Archives (UK).
TIP: These collections contain a massive amount of online material so spend some time exploring what is on offer. New material is released as it becomes available.

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