Dictionary of Sydney Project

Dictionary of Sydney – Sydney’s history online and connected. This resource is a historical digital repository that aims to gather resources on every aspect of human habitation in the greater Sydney area from the first arrival of people to the present. It contains:
• Thematic essays from noted experts
• Interesting pieces on well known and unlikely topics
• Entries on people, events, organisations, buildings, artefacts and places
• Stories and images from our readers and volunteers
• Oral histories, photographs and artistic representations
• Material about important documents and artefacts
• Sound and moving images.
The historical information about Sydney and its suburbs is available in the following categories: Artefacts, Buildings, Events, Natural Features, Organisations, People, Places, Structures, Entries, Maps, Multimedia, Subjects, Roles and Contributers. The Places link provides hundreds of suburb profiles and links to any online resources.

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