Findmypast – The 1939 Register – England and Wales

This register contains the names, addresses, occupations, marital status and date of birth of the civil population of England and Wales as recorded on 29 September 1939. It was used as the basis for rationing, identity cards and, in post-war Britain, the National Health System.  This comprehensive survey recorded 41 million people. It is significant because the 1931 census was destroyed by fire in December 1942 and the 1941 census was never taken. So the 1939 Register is the only surviving record of the people of England and Wales between 1921-1951.
It is free to search the register and to preview the transcript that shows the person’s name, year of birth, town and county of residence. The number of other persons living in the house are shown and how many are closed because they are younger than 100 years old and still alive. A subscription to Findmypast is required to view the record.

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