Norwich Census of the Poor 1570

This data was first transcribed from the original documents and analysed in detail by John F Pound in the 1960s and published on paper by the Public Record Society. The data was converted into electronic form by Paul Welbank in 1999.

This is an example of the detailed information available.
St. Peter of Southgate
Richard Rich of 35 yeris, a husbondman that worke with Mr. Cantrell, & kepe not with his wyfe but at tymes & helpeth hyr lyttle, and Margaret, his wyf, of 40 yeris, she spynn white warpe, and Jone, ther daughter of 12 yeris, that spyn also the same, & Symond, ther son of 8 yeris, that go to skole, & Alice & Fader, the eldest of 4 & the other 8 yeris. They have dwelt here 2 yeris & syns wyttsontyde, & have dwelt most at Banham wher they were maried, & syns at Swanton next North Walsham & Amringhall.

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