Queensland State Archives – Schools, Hospitals and Orphanages

Queensland State Archives  holds many of the nineteenth and early to mid-twentieth century records on Queensland government schools, hospitals, asylums, medical staff, orphanages and children’s homes. There are guides, videos and other information to help you.
The hospital records include:
• Brisbane Hospital admission registers 1872-1887
• Brisbane Hospital registers of deaths 1899-1913
• Brisbane Hospital registers of deaths 1933-1952
• Consumptive patients 1897-1902
• Mackay Hospital admissions 1891-1908
The Orphanage records include:
• Toowoomba Girls Reformatory Admissions 1881-1903
• Toowoomba Girls Reformatory Discharges 1882-1903
• Westbrook Reformatory Admission Registers 1871-1906
Note: You can search online indexes and there is free access to digital images of the original records if available.

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