Rats of Tobruk Tribute

This site by Owen Carlton is dedicated to the Famous Rats of Tobruk of the Allied Forces (Army, Navy & Air Force) who served in the longest siege in British military history, from April 10 to December 7, 1941, and who were the first Troops to defeat the German Army on land in WW2. The site aims to have basic details of the famous Rats of Tobruk available for their descendants, relatives and other interested friends and researchers. In addition to Aussie Rats of Tobruk there are details of many of the allied troops, such as UK, Indian, Polish and Czech service personnel who served at Tobruk during the siege period.

The National Rats of Tobruk database and website Honour Roll now contains 18,950 records. Of these there are 2600 unconfirmed. This project is ongoing and descendants are invited to provide details for those unconfirmed or any Rats of Tobruk, who do not appear on the Honour Rolls, or, to update records that are incomplete. Contact details are available on the site.

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