Trove Digitised Newspapers and Gazettes

There are currently 23,411,803 newspaper pages and 2,022,316 gazette pages digitised and available to view in The main state title and date range is listed.
• National – Australian Women’s Weekly 1933-1982
• ACT – Canberra Times 1926-1995
• NSW – Sydney Morning Herald 1842-1954
• NT – Northern Territory Times 1873-1932
• Qld – Courier-Mail 1933-1954
• SA – The Advertiser 1889-1954
• Tas – Mercury 1860-1954
• Vic – Argus 1848-1957
• WA – West Australian 1879-1954
• International – Bangkok Recorder – Thailand 1865-1867; Berita Repoeblik – Djakarta, Indonesia 1945-1946; A Voz de Timor Dili, East Timor 1973-1975; Tribune – Philippines 1932-1945 plus five Papua New Guinea titles 1911-1981
TIP: Use the default search first. If you do not get the results you want, do a phrase search – “John William Lee”. The speech marks holds two, or more, words together during the search.  Consider how names would have appeared in the newspaper of the day. Try alternative basic searches and/or phrase searches John Lee, John W Lee, J W Lee, Jno Lee, Mr J Lee or Lee John William. His wife could be recorded as Mrs John Lee or Mrs Lee.
TIP: Use this site to search for passenger lists (arrivals and departures) and for detailed descriptions of voyages. It is common to find ongoing passenger lists from Fremantle, Adelaide or Melbourne so don’t limit your search to port of arrival or port of departure.

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