Australian Travelling Entertainers

This site, by Mark St Leon, is dedicated to Australia’s circus history and to travelling entertainers. This site is no longer online but has been archived by PANDORA – Australia’s Web Archive.

Australian Medical Pioneers Index

This site features a database of over 3,000 pioneer doctors 1700s-1875. It lists doctors who were registered or qualified in Australia, were resident in Australia, or visited here in a professional capacity, before 1875. Ships’ surgeons, convict doctors, general practitioners…

Name Index to some members of Brass Bands in Victoria from 1890

This index is on the Family Treasures site. It lists surname, given name, year, date, band name, position and notes. There are also details the musical history of Hilda Tansey (1901-1975) Australia’s first lady brass band conductor in Sydney and…

Design & Art Australia Online

This collaborative e-Research tool presents biographical data about Australian artists, designers, craftspeople and curators.

Australian Dictionary of Biography Online

This site features 12,000+ biographies of significant Australians who died before 1980, from prime ministers, governors-general and premiers, generals and bishops, artists, actors and authors, engineers and schoolteachers, to prostitutes, thieves and murderers. Use the Faceted Browse to browse by…

The Luyken Collection

This Collection c0ntains engravings from Dutch artist Jan Luyken and illustrates trades from the late 17th century. Each picture has a moralistic verse with it (in Dutch).