Shipping and migration

Port Phillip District – Victoria

This site by Alexander Romanov-Hughes includes censuses, directories and electoral rolls for Melbourne and Port Phillip plus biographies of pioneers. There are also alphabetical lists of passenger arrivals to Port Phillip for: • Coastal passengers 1839-1845 • Unassisted passengers from…

P&O Heritage

This site is designed to preserve and celebrate the maritime history and collections of P&O, one of the best known shipping companies in the world. The site allow the collections and the rich heritage of P&O to be more accessible…

Irish Merchant Seaman 1918-1921

This online index by David Snook details 23,000+ Irish born and 1000+ Canadian born merchant seamen and their voyages. The index has been compiled from the CR10 series of central index cards held in the Southampton Civic Archives, Hampshire. New

VOC Historical Society

This comprehensive site details the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie VOC (United Dutch East Indies Company) their mariners, ships and the impact they had on Western Australia long before white colonialisation in 1829.  It also has details on VOC shipwrecks, related sites and resources. New

Sydney’s Female Emigration Depot 1848-1886

This online exhibition is arranged as follows:• Land of Milk & Honey• Voyage• First Arrivals• Dress• In the Depot• In the Colony• Women’s Stories• Australian Monument to the Great Irish Famine New

Archives Hub – British Women’s Emigration

This site focuses on organisations created to encourage educated middle-class women to migrate to British colonies such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand or South Africa in the late 1800s-early 1900s.

Lloyd’s List marine news index 1740-1837

Lloyd’s List is a newspaper devoted to shipping news. In particular it records the movements of ocean going vessels and marine news of casualties, ‘speakings’ and other events involving individual vessels. This database has been compiled from copies of Lloyd’s…