Picture Nottingham – England

Delve into the rich history of Nottingham with Picture Nottingham, an extensive collection of photos, postcards, glass plates and engravings from our libraries. This image library covers the last 100 years and more of history from the local community, industry,…

Family History Research by Kerry Farmer – Australia

This site by Australian professional genealogist Kerry Farmer details courses she runs, has resources to assist you with family history research, a of list family names she is researching plus information on her publications. The family history research blog has…

Genealogy on Facebook List

This list by genealogist Katherine R Willson can be downloaded as a 436 page PDF file. The list, in English, contains 16,700+ links to genealogy and history Facebook groups

Lonetester HQ Blog

This blog by Alona Tester covers All Posts, Blog Themes, Countries, Facebook Lists, Family History, General, Local History and Reference. The Facebook lists include a list of 1250+ Australian History and Genealogy Groups and Pages on Facebook. The list can…

Public Record Office Victoria – Inquests into deaths 1840-1985

Inquests into deaths (deposition files 1840-1985). You need to know an approximate year of death, and the name/s of the deceased. Not all deaths resulted in an inquest. Index data is being published as it becomes available. For deaths between…

The Prosecution Project – Criminal Trials in Australia 1850-1960

The Prosecution Project by the Australian Research Council and Griffith University is investigating the history of the criminal trial in Australia. The registers of Supreme Court cases from most jurisdictions are being digitised and the extended using other archival sources…

Library and Archives Canada – Photos on Flickr

Library and Archives Canada collects and preserves Canada’s documentary heritage. There are 7,514+ images on FlickrTIP: This photostream can be searched using the magnifying glass icon located under the menu bar on the right side.New

State Library of Queensland- Photos on Flickr

State Library of Queensland has 7,135 images on Flickr. TIP: This photostream can be searched using the magnifying glass icon located under the menu bar on the right side.