Early New Zealand Photographers and their successors

This blog features photographs and articles about early New Zealand photographers, with a particular focus on Canterbury photographers. There is a wealth of information, images and newspaper clippings.

Photographers of Great Britain & Ireland 1840-1940

This site records the names and addresses of 33,000+ photographers. There are pictures of over 6,000 named sitters who could be your ancestors plus information on census and other internet based research into photographers.

Marcel Safier’s Homepage – Photographers of Australia 1842-1920

This site includes details of early photographers of southern Queensland; 19th century photographers of Victoria including 19th century photographers of Geelong. There are details of 19th century card photographs in Australia and New Zealand and gem and carte de visite…

Photohistory SA

A site dedicated to the history of South Australian photography from 1845 to around 1915 by R J Noye. Includes informationon all aspects of photography including photographers, camera clubs, magic lantern, hand colouring, daguerreotypes and much more.